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The H.H. Cotton's Story...

H.H. Cottons Best Sports Bar San Clemente

While little is known about the relationship between San Clemente founders, Ole Hanson and Henry Hamilton Cotton (known as “H.H. Cotton”), one thing is certain; the two friends shared a deep passion for what is now our Southern California home. While Ole often gets most of the credit, it was actually Hamilton that held the note on the land that made it possible for Ole to realize his dream. It was also Hamilton who built our most famous residence, the H.H. Cotton estate, more affectionately known as President Nixon’s "Western White House.”

​It’s also a little known fact that Hamilton was quite the party host, and even hosted President Franklin D. Roosevelt at times during his west coast swing. It is with that same spirit that we hope to entertain you, our VIP’s.

Much like the founders did so many years ago, four local San Clemente families have come together to see a vision through. Our vision is to provide other local families with a lively fun place to gather and enjoy delicious food and drink in the company of friends and neighbors. Located on the Historic downtown street of Del Mar, at Ola Vista, H.H. Cotton's is a full service restaurant with a modern bar, and several flat screen televisions throughout. We strive to offer a variety of quality menu items in a comfortable, family-friendly atmosphere.

We are so happy to be here and look forward to welcoming you! 

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